We have great animals upon this Earth
of varied size—they live on land or sea.
Domestic ones we love for all their worth;
like family, we live in harmony.

But grandest in our mix of wild beasts here— 
our elephant, the largest one on land.
Though giant-sized, of them we have no fear— 
a gentle kind with traits we understand.

They do not kill for meat or dominance,
but feast on greens wherever they may roam.
Their matriarch displays her prominence— 
she leads and guards her group, her lasting home.

Emotions they display at death or birth,
caressing with their trunks the fallen ones,
and cradling safe tween feet of massive girth
their offspring, never crushed by weighty tons.

Of course, when threatened, be it man or beast,
they will defend and charge with all their might.
But when the threat is gone or seems decreased,
they back away to calmly end a fight.

Not only giant in their massive size,
but awesome in the cultured ways they act.
Intelligent with feelings, realize
the need to keep their family intact.

Oh, giant beast of Earth, dear elephant,
your gentle nature thrills our human heart.
Majestic in your size, so eloquent,
we pray from here on Earth you'll never part.

Sandra M. Haight

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