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Hyper Dog Tennis Ball Launcher

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Playing Fetch Just Got a Whole Lot More Fun - For YOU and Your Pooch!

We love HyperDog's Tennis Dog because it's just as much fun for you as it is for your ball-obsessed dog. You'll love flinging the tennis balls into orbit and your dog will run faster than you've ever seen, trying to chase down those flying tennis balls! You can shoot tennis balls high up into the air or far off in the distance - either way, you can launch balls over 75 feet! That's plenty of distance to keep your pooch happy and exercised.

Playing fetch the old fashioned way inevitably ends up with you throwing never-ending balls and getting a very sore elbow. Hey, we know it’s hard to throw a tennis ball 75 feet all on your own, but Tennis Dog makes it purely effortless. Plus, the best part is that the Tennis Dog dog toy is a fun and interactive dog toy for both you and your dog.

We all know that throwing tennis balls by hand gets boring (for you at least) real quick. Tossing balls with the Tennis Dog is actually a fun game that you and your dog can play together. And, you don’t need to worry about touching any slimy tennis balls either; the Tennis Dog scoops and throws balls, without you ever needing to touch one. The Tennis Dog tennis ball launcher works with all regular-sized and miniature tennis balls. Includes one FREE regular-sized Hyper Dog tennis ball.

Additional 4-packs of Hyper Dog Tennis balls are sold separately

Most ball-happy dogs go through tennis balls quicker than you can say “fetch”, so be prepared with an extra stash of Hyper Dog tennis balls – ready to keep your dog healthy and happy at a moments notice! Choose Bright Yellow Tennis Balls or Bright Orange Tennis Balls.

The super-durable, safe-for-dogs-teeth, West Paw Huck ball also works perfectly with the Tennis Dog.

Tennis Dog tennis ball launcher